How to Date a Tech Bro

How to Date a Tech Bro

This post was inspired by Anita Ihuman's How to date a tech sis In this post, let me walk you over the fundamentals of dating a tech bro!

Keep your bags packed

Tech bros in general are travel enthusiasts. They spend most of the time staring at screens (from dual monitors to smartphones) and love the occasional escape to a few days of digital detox.


Be creative in your gifts

As a techie, he probably makes enough money. He also loves the thrill of reading through articles and watching hundreds of YouTube reviews before making an informed decision. Do not deprive him of this adrenaline rush! Instead, get to know him and spend some time making something. He loves a personal touch.


Be prepared to watch Nerdy movies

Please know the difference between Star Trek, Star Wars, and Guardian of the Galaxy. Be ready to waste weekends with a rerun of the Batman trilogy, or a Marvel marathon! The good part is, he can pause and explain the intricate details if you blink and miss an important part. image.png

Confide in him

He is a keeper of secrets. So go ahead and make some confessions. Feeling insecure about something? Go ahead and talk to him. He makes a living out of turning bugs into features. He will be more than happy to show you the perfect picture of yourself that he sees!


Treat his pet well

A vast majority of techies own pets, and you better be comfortable with his furry friends or that might be a deal-breaker! image.png

Be explicit

No, they don't understand unspoken words. They are worse than men in general when it comes to picking up social cues. Their evolution was hindered by the amount of console.log and System.out.println they frantically typed in! So please speak up and be assured that it will be heard. image.png

Don't plan anything in the morning

These creatures are night owls and show their worst colors when woke up early! So plan events accordingly; he will most likely not join you in your morning yoga! Going for a post-dinner stroll? Count him in. image.png

Read and support his blog

Yes please! Blogs are not always tutorials and there are often some gems like these! You don't have to be a techie to show some support. Read them, share them with your friends. Help them get their dose of dopamine. image.png


Go ahead and get that tech bro of yours! While they are relatively low maintenance, be warned they are fragile! So do not drop, knock, or spill coffee (on them or their work). Wish you the best of luck! image.png

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